Misfit Phase in the Test: the Fitness watch with something Extra


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Die Misfit Phase Die Misfit Phase The Misfit Phase(© 2017 CURVED)

The fitness tracker from Misfit has always been a discreet and chic. In the first Moment of the step counter. This is also the case of the Misfit Phase of the case, the first watch of the manufacturer, with analog hands, which is not a Smartwatch, but it can do more than just count steps.

Misfit refers to the Phase as a “Hybrid Smartwatch”. However, the devices that I would describe as a Smartwatch, it is far functional. You count your steps, the App calculates calories burned and distance travelled. In addition, the Wearable may add vibrate to Wake you to incoming messages on the Bluetooth-connected Smartphone or to remind you to move you again. In the night the Misfit monitored Phase, at the request of Your sleep, making a distinction between easier and more restful night’s sleep. A Display to display the Apps or to the operation of the smartphone is missing.

Watch, fitness tracker and Smart Home control

Visually, the Misfit Phase acts as a modern wrist watch with simple dial. In the case of the bracelets, you can choose between the leather and the Sport and you also even swap. The Standard closure is to be used, but pro bracelet with two small buttons. That’s why you can only use the bracelets of Misfit. The entire watch is waterproof and suitable for Swimming, but the coating of the housing is not particularly robust. I’ve worn it for two days right next to another Wearable. At the point of contact of the coating was rubbed off then already. You are not on the Worn-in Look, you should treat the Phase carefully.

On the right side of the housing are two buttons. With the Upper you can see by pressing, like a lot of movement from Your daily goal, you already have made and on what time the alarm is set. The bottom button can take on different functions. What are your sets in the App and can you only change there again. My favourite is the activity tracking. Because of the Misfit Phase is not recognizable, for example, Cycling automatically. What activity you want to monitor, you must also specify in the App. Without a Smartphone it is not, which makes the operating of the watch somewhat awkward. In addition to Cycling, Walking, Jogging, Swimming, football, Tennis, Basketball, Yoga and Dancing.

You can use the Button but also as a trigger for Selfies, or for the control of music. Changes to the functions, in turn, is only possible via the App. By a one-, two – or three-fold, Press, and press and hold the button on up to four different actions you can perform. It can be via Bluetooth not only with smartphones but also in Smart Home Gadgets for the music control or the Notebook for the Change of presentation slides.

Send App information with little Details

Your data, the Misfit Phase is shown in the Misfit App on Your Smartphone. Either as a Pro rata filled circle or in the day and sleep history. Below, you can see how long you Go Jogging, or Swimming must, in order to reach the goal for the day. Scrolls on the home page, further down, you see the day in the course of sleep, activities, and, if necessary, entered changes in weight. Walks or Jogging runs, detects the App on the basis of the data under certain circumstances, even by itself, other activities you must be described as track, but can still suit the times. Overall, less detail information you can expect but also to the individual activities – as, for example, in the Apps from Garmin or Fitbit. Their Gadgets have sometimes, but more Sensors, such as GPS or the pulse measurement.

About the battery life, you can not complain: In the Misfit Phase is a button cell. The battery should hold about six months, and you can replace with the supplied tool in a few minutes. The regular Charge is no longer required.

Conclusion: this is a clock with some Extras

The Misfit Phase is a more convenient fitness tracker in the Form of a watch in a subtle Design. To me, the automatic activity recognition is missing because I’m bad at it, to capture my activities manually. If you don’t mind and you can forgo pulse monitoring and a Display for displaying information, adjusts the Phase as a chic Wearable intended to you. The price, however, according to embodiment 179 or 199 euros, the Fitbit Charge 2, which is significantly less elegant, but more features.