Samsung Gear S4 could display on the bezel data

Samsung denkt offenbar über ein ringförmiges Display für seine Smartwatch nach Samsung denkt offenbar über ein ringförmiges Display für seine Smartwatch nach Samsung seems to think about a ring-shaped screen for its Smartwatch, according to(© 2017 Patently Mobile)

Apple has the crown, Samsung has made the bezel. The convenient operating element of the Samsung Gear S3 could learn with the Gear S4, or future versions of Wearables, but a spectacular Trick. How Patently Mobile reported, describes could present a patent application Samsung, such as an annular screen around the actual Display around the user for additional data.

The designs of the manufacturer, according to the Display on the bezel would, for example, the current date, the weather, or a Song map that is being played. For much more, no place would be on the extremely narrow component. Whether such a screen could adorn the next Generation of Smartwatch, the Gear S4, is not clear from the description. As in the case of patent applications is common, it may also be that the idea will never be implemented in practice.

A useful Feature?

Even if a Gear S4 would look like with such a Display of spectacular, is the practical Benefit of the feature is questionable. Smartwatches have been awarded years ago is still a huge Hype, wanted to develop but never. Currently it is missing the Wearables are still a real Killer-Feature, it will not offer the already existing Smartphones.

A further improvement, the users of your choice for Smartwatches, just as much as for Smartphones is a battery with a longer runtime. Only a few Smartwatches will last much longer than a day, and often these models offer fewer features than, for example, the Gear S3 and the Apple Watch Series 2. We are excited to see what new features Samsung can for future generations, such as the Gear S4, still figure it out.