Blackmart Alpha: Android black market legal?

Viele Android-Nutzer wünschen sich eine Alternative zum Google Play Store Viele Android-Nutzer wünschen sich eine Alternative zum Google Play Store Many Android users wish for an Alternative to the Google Play Store(© 2015 CC: Flickr/victoria white2010)

Expensive Android Apps in Blackmart Alpha for free download? The market for Android applications is now very large, which is why there are many Alternatives to the official Google Play Store. This includes platforms such as Blackmart Alpha, and Applanet, Appcake or Boerse. The question is, however, the provider may offer certain Apps for free – and if you can use it to make without you is a punishable offence. We will explain you the functioning of black markets and also why they are illegal.

Black market Apps: The development of

Many users and app developers criticise Google has built with the Play Store, a sales monopoly for Android Software. So users are limited to the offer that provides you with Google in the Store. In addition, both Google and many of the publishers would earn with the Apps money by giving personal data will be collected and sold. Meanwhile, there are many alternative markets for Apps, however, require in part a rooted device. While it is also possible to install it without Play Store Apps, but this method requires some more effort. A separate guide on the topic explains you how to do it.

Can be installed the App?

Since Google has removed the App from Blackmart Alpha, for obvious reasons, from the Play Store, those interested can download the APK of the App manually. To do this, it is necessary that one determines before in the settings of the device that the Download is allowed from unknown sources.

Install the Blackmart App, however, brings disadvantages as well as the users of the application must grant access rights to personal information. Then you will have access to the Apps of the store.

Alpha is Blackmart legal?

The Download the Blackmart Alpha App itself is not illegal. As soon as you load however, pirated copies of official Apps from the Store, makes you liable to prosecution. The legal situation is similar to that of file-sharing exchanges, or sites that offer pirated copies of movies and music. Here is how you violate the copyright if you use this to refer to pirated Material – and risking a penalty. Who is behind the black markets, is not generally known – the website of Blackmart, for example, has no imprint.

What are the risks?

The possibility of a criminal prosecution is not the only danger, the use of black markets for Apps. Because in the markets there is no control over the Apps, so the risk rises to infect your device with malicious software. There are so many reasons why you make a big circle around such unofficial markets should make.


  • Many users wish for an alternative App-Stores – the niche is partially occupied by vendors of pirated Software
  • The Download of Blackmart Alpha is not illegal, the downloading of pirated Apps, however,
  • So you go to the risk of law enforcement and increases the security risk for your personal data and Your Android device
  • The use of the Blackmart Alpha is therefore not recommended