iOS 11: of you to use the new files App


updated on 19. December 2017, 15:43

UPDATEMit der Dateien-App könnt Ihr auch Inhalte von iCloud durchsuchen Mit der Dateien-App könnt Ihr auch Inhalte von iCloud durchsuchen With the files App you can also content of iCloud browse(© 2017 CURVED)

Among the new features of iOS 11, the files-App of Apple. It is a kind of Explorer, with the folders on Your Smartphone create and browse can – similar to how it is on Android. We explain to you what you can do with the App, everything.

With the files App, browse folders

To search iOS 11 files on Your iPhone, iPad, or in Your iCloud, you open first the files App and tap on “Browse”. Under the tab “storage locations” you can choose whether you want to view the program content from the Cloud or from the internal memory. Then you can see the folder and files located at the selected location. Tap on a directory to display its contents. The Navigation works in a similar way as with the Explorer on a Windows PC. At the top you have also a “Search”bar helps you find content.

In this way, you will have the opportunity to integrate all of the Cloud services. If you would like to store your files in iCloud, but in the case of a third-party provider such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive, you have all the files that the App can directly access it and reach your files with the touch of a finger. Thus, the operation with the new file Manager is much more comfortable than before, and your changes with a tip between the local and the Online storage. The new App is the ideal control center for Your iPad or iPhone.

Copy, Rename, and Tags set

You can use the files App in iOS 11 to interact with Files. Hold down Your Finger for longer on a file or folder. Then a small Pop-Up menu, in which you are a number of actions to choose from, you see: you can Copy content, for example, “to”, “Rename” and “Move”.

If your right tap on the arrow you will see other functions. In addition to “Delete” you see here the possibility to put Tags. In order for your folders and files can mark. This can not just in the directory itself on the basis of the color easier to locate in the “Browse”menu, the Tags you create are listed. You tap on one of them, you can see all of the content that you have marked accordingly.

Recover deleted data on iOS, 11 restore

If your menu is you in the Browse, look under “locations”, select “Recently deleted”. There files for a while, you’ve removed before they completely disappear remain. You have here the possibility of individual or all content to restore or to delete manually final. Tap the upper-right corner of the selection Button and selects a file or multiple files. Above left you can also select a button, all the data under the “Recently deleted”. In the action bar at the bottom you can then select whether the selected content is to be removed or should be restored.

Marker to use in documents

The files App in iOS 11 serves not only the management of Your data. You can also open documents in the application, for example, a PDF. At the top right you will see a round Icon in the middle of a pen is shown. This is a Marker. Selects the function and is looking for you in the bar at the bottom of a pen locations, and a color. Then you can highlight with a Marker the text passages.


  • In the files App of iOS 11 you select “Browse” from where you content is displayed. You can select, for example, the internal memory or iCloud
  • Tap on the folder to open it. The Navigation is similar to the Explorer on a Windows Computer
  • At the very top you will find the “Search”box
  • Tap and hold down on a folder or a file, a Pop-Up window with actions
  • You can Rename, Copy, Move, Delete, or tag
  • Your objects with Tags, next thing ya know, you can find these under “storage locations” easier
  • Typed in under “locations” to “Recently deleted” files, which you wanted to remove recently with “Delete”. To find these will not be deleted immediately, and are here for a while
  • To remove the contents manually and permanently, or to restore, tapping on the top right of the selection Button, it marks all the corresponding files
  • In the bottom bar you can select whether the selection is to be removed or restored
  • Open the files App in iOS 11, a document in preview, to annotate it with notes
  • A Marker Tool, select it in the top right of the pen Icon. Below your color and pen sets. Then you can with your Finger in the document, paint