So your iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus put in maintenance mode

Das iPhone X kann per Tastenkombination in den Wartungsmodus versetzt werden Das iPhone X kann per Tastenkombination in den Wartungsmodus versetzt werden The iPhone X can be set via a key combination in the maintenance mode(© 2017 CURVED)

If Your iPhone X, iPhone 8 or 8 Plus App crashing constantly, helps perhaps a reset to factory settings via the maintenance mode. This step can also help if any other cause ensures that your Smartphone can’t use properly. We explain to you step-by-step, how this mode is reached and all the data from Your iOS device deletes.

Maintenance mode on the iPhone launch

In addition to the Smartphone is needed for the operation of a Computer with iTunes. If possible, you should still Backup your iOS device data before you continue. If you want to start the maintenance, or “Device Firmware Upgrade”mode (DFU), you will need to turn off your iPhone X or iPhone 8 first of all, and via cable with the Computer connect.

Stop maintenance mode on the switched-off iPhone the power button for about three seconds, until the Apple Logo appears. Now you hold the “volume down”button pressed. After about ten seconds, the Display switches off from the Smartphone. In this Moment, you have to let go of the power button. Respect now on iTunes on Your Computer: as soon As a request for a restore shows up and the Screen from the iPhone is still off, you can also use the “volume down”button is released. You are now in DFU mode.

Smartphone reset to factory settings

Once you’re in maintenance mode, you can access the iPhone via Your Computer reset to factory settings. This can be a solution, if the device starts correctly. You should take this step, however, think well: It deleted all the photos, Videos and other personal data from the Smartphone. We recommend that you regularly backup will not create, in such a case, the loss of data.

The maintenance mode

If Your iPhone is 8, 8 Plus, or iPhone X but not reset to factory settings like, you can change the maintenance mode using the following key combination to exit: Hold simultaneously the “volume down”button and the power button is pressed. After a few seconds, Your iPhone restarts and you get back to the conventional view.


  • In DFU mode your iPhone cannot reset to factory settings, if it starts more properly
  • To enter the maintenance mode, connects to your iPhone 8, 8 Plux or iPhone X to Your Computer, open iTunes and turn off the Smartphone first
  • Hold down the power button until the Apple Logo appears. Press and hold the “volume down”button
  • After 10 seconds the Apple Logo disappears, then release the power button
  • On Your Computer, a Pop-Up window now appears in iTunes that indicates you on the maintenance mode
  • Now you can the device from the PC and do a factory reset. Caution: This will erase all data on Your iPhone
  • You can exit DFU mode, if you hold down simultaneously the power button and the “volume down”button. After a short time, the device performs a restart