Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) shows only black screen: you can do

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Some users of the Galaxy A5 (2017) complain about a Problem that the Internet is often called “the Black Screen of Death”, in short BSOD is referred to. The screen remains black, although the phone is actually turned on. We will show you what you can do about it.

The cause for the described error, a system crash is, in most cases. These points may already in advance by a loss of Performance, The Galaxy A5 is no longer – for example, when you Open Apps slower, until it may eventually stop responding to your inputs and the screen is black.

Force reboot

First, you should try to restart Your Smartphone. Since it’s not responding to your Touch input, would be the most obvious way to actually short out the battery to take out. However, this is used in the Galaxy A5 (2017), so you have to manage otherwise. Over time, the physical buttons should also be black screen, not a force reboot.

Hold the volume down button and the power button is pressed. After about seven to ten seconds should power off the Galaxy A5 and then re-boot. The resulting reset of the memory, it would be easy to resolve your problem. If not, might help in the recovery mode.

Galaxy A5 Recovery mode

Google has provided all the versions of Android with a Recovery mode. This is an emergency operating system without a graphical user interface. The mode offers two options which can solve Your Problem may be the Cache Partition and a Factory Reset to Empty. To not want the Latter, grab her but only if really necessary. Because a Factory Reset deletes all Smartphone data. The first steps are the same in both measures, but not the same.

First your Galaxy A5 (2017) switches. Then you think to increase the “volume”button and the Home button is pressed, then in addition to the power button. This you let go again as soon as the device appears the Logo. The other two buttons you hold pressed until the Android Logo appears. Then your in the text-based recovery should be the mode arrived. For Navigation, the volume keys are available there.

Cache empty or Factory Reset

Now you have to decide on how you want to arrange it. A way to Delete the caches. This is temporary data that creates the Android operating system automatically. To delete the Cache Partition, press on the “volume down”button until “wipe cache partition” is highlighted. Confirm with the Power button, selects “yes” and then confirmed again. After the Cache-emptying your “Reboot system now”, the Galaxy A5.

The Problem is still not resolved, it remains as a last resort a Factory Reset, deletes all of your data. Calls for the first, as described in the Recovery mode. Then you “wipe data / factory reset” and confirm with the power button. Now, her “Yes – delete all user data” and confirmed again. Also after the Factory Reset Reboot should appear “system now”. For the last Time pressed the power button to reboot to initiate.


  • If Your Galaxy A5 (2017) displays a black screen, you should first try to force the reboot. To do this, you think to reduce the “volume”button and the power button for seven to ten seconds
  • This does not help, calls your the Recovery mode. Keep increasing the “volume”button and the Home button pressed, then then the power button. When the device Logo appears, let the Latter come on, the Android Logo, the other two buttons
  • In Recovery mode, it clears the Cache Partition. Navigate to “wipe cache partition” and confirm with the Power button. On “Reboot system now” the Galaxy A5 and then a restart
  • If the Problem persists, can you try it with the Factory Reset. This deletes all of your data. Is this like the Cache-emptying, instead of “wipe cache partition” is selected but “wipe data / factory reset”. The following dialog warning on “Yes – delete all user data”, you must also confirm. With “Reboot system now” to start the Smartphone then reboot