iPhone X: Vimeo now supports HDR Videos

Ihr könnt auch mit dem iPhone X HDR-Videos auf Vimeo schauen Ihr könnt auch mit dem iPhone X HDR-Videos auf Vimeo schauen You can also look with the iPhone X HDR Videos on Vimeo(© 2017 CURVED)

HDR video for iPhone X: The Video platform Vimeo now supports new formats for several current Apple products. But it should also benefit owners of other devices that offer Support for HDR. In addition, the maximum Video increased resolution.

Users of Vimeo can now Blog HDR-video upload that can be viewed with the iPhone X, Apple TV, 4K and the latest iPad Pro, according to the Vimeo. Videos that support the Standard, are likely to show on compatible devices, therefore, a corresponding note. Vimeo was the first Video platform that offers the appropriate Support for the above-mentioned Apple products.

1 Billion Colors

With the HDR-support Vimeo has introduced the Support for Clips in 10-bit. Instead of 16 million colors up to a billion colors to be represented. Thus, the Clips should be able to on the platform about 75 percent of the display colors that can be detected by a human eye – a corresponding playback device is provided.

Explicitly, the Vimeo only mentions the current Apple Blog-products, but HDR is likely to be supported in the service also of other Smartphones, monitors and TVs to the Standard. Now, only the first music videos and other content you need to find your way to the platform, which are present in the HDR.

Another new feature is the maximum resolution: Now Videos can be uploaded in 8K. Since screens with such high resolution but are not widely used currently, still, this is likely of interest to more professional users who want to sell their Clips, for example, to other professionals or the cinema owner.