The Engadget Podcast Ep 26: The Sounds of Science


Managing editor Dana Wollman and senior editor Nathan Ingraham join host Terrence O’Brien on the latest episode. First Dana and Nathan face off in the latest installment of Flame Wars, tackling the latest news around Google Voice, struggling streaming service Tidal and the Note 7. Then all three will try to unravel the first week of Donald Trump’s presidency and what it means for science in particular.

Relevant links:

  • Why is Sprint throwing money at Tidal?
  • Sprint buys a 33 percent stake in Tidal’s music service
  • With its Note 7 apology, Samsung finally gets something right
  • Samsung blames two different battery flaws for the Note 7 fires
  • Google Voice gets a long-overdue visual refresh
  • Trump’s plans for the EPA will stifle scientific research
  • Agriculture Department lifts USDA gag order after public outcry
  • Scientists prepare their own march against Trump
  • Trump administration freezes grants and contracts at the EPA
  • National park tweets, then deletes, climate data after gag order
  • Reuters: Trump admin telling EPA to pull climate change info

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