Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: all about Samsung MWC-Highlight



Das Galaxy Tab S2 ist mittlerweile kein Top-Gerät mehr. Das Galaxy Tab S2 ist mittlerweile kein Top-Gerät mehr. The Galaxy Tab S2 is not a Top device.(© 2015 CURVED)

The Galaxy S8 will not show Samsung at the Mobile World Congress in 2017. Instead, the South Koreans will introduce the Galaxy Tab S3. What we know so far about the Tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is: Don’t rush it. According to the Note-7-Disaster, the upcoming Smartphone should be and must be a Hit. In order to ensure that dispensed Samsung on a presentation at the Mobile World Congress 2017 and the device will prefer until the end of March 2017. This is not to say, however, that the company shows nothing. By Tweet Samsung announces: “Big news are on the way. Not to be missed.” Including the company shares a picture with the date and the outline of a device that seems to be a USB-C port.

This is very likely to have the Galaxy Tab S3. Time-the time for a new Samsung Tablet would be perfect. The predecessor came already in the summer of 2015 on the market. The equipment of the device is sufficient so today’s demands for a Top device. There’s a new must be found. And this is supposed to be extremely flat. The previous model was 5.6 millimeters really thin. With the Tab S3, Samsung wants to offer this brand we Heard, once again.

Galaxy Tab S3, with prior-year Chip

For the Display this is not true. This should still measure 9.7 inches and 2048 x 1536 pixels dissolve. Individual image points you need in the case of the pixel density, so are looking for in the first place. It is unclear whether Samsung will equip the Tablet with a Edge Screen. The Teaser image gives reason to hope. Finally, the edges are rounded on both sides of the device.

To compromise you have to make in the equipment. How SamMobile reported, the clocks in the Galaxy Tab S3, the Snapdragon 820 from the previous year. But this has its reason: it is true Samsung has secured a Deal with Qualcomm is the prerogative of the Snapdragon 835. The new Chip is designed for the Galaxy S8.

Furthermore, it is not excluded that the Tablet in Europe, comes with an Exynos processor on the market. At least Samsung when Galaxy S7. For supposedly old Chip, four gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of memory. The equipment should also ensure that 2017 is still a smooth operation. In addition, Samsung has improved the welfare of the cameras. The front camera should in the future resolve with five instead of 2.1 mega pixels camera on the back of twelve megapixels.

Current Android and two versions

The operating system may be the only Android 7.0 Nougat. Probably the Galaxy Tab S3 comes with the from based 7 well-known Grace-surface. The Samsung, at least just, together with the Nougat-Update to the S7-Smartphones. Is likely to abandon the company gadgets such as the Always-on Display. Finally, if you look at a Tablet so often on the Display to learn the current time.

Also, the new Galaxy Tab will get probably in two variants: One exclusively for Wi-Fi, the other comes with an additional LTE module, on the other hand, a SIM-card provided on-the-go surfing. Conveniently, the Galaxy Tab S3 is not according to the rumors. It should come to you for the equivalent of around 560 euros in the trade. Thus, it is still cheaper than the iPad Pro from Apple.

How the final device looks like, we learn in the context of the Keynote before the MWC, on 26. February 2017. CURVED will be in Barcelona.