Nintendo Classic Mini on Speed: The Analogue Nt mini comes



Die  Analogue Nt mini haucht alten Cartridges neues Leben ein. Die  Analogue Nt mini haucht alten Cartridges neues Leben ein. The Analogue Nt mini into the old Cartridges to new life.(© 2017 Analogue)

If the copy is better than the Original: The Nintendo Classic Mini is a nice Gimmick, the Analogue Nt mini, the Retro-console for professionals.

Yeah, you’re right: In our Test, the Nintendo Classic Mini has pleased us really well. Why not? The price is right, the Design of the original NES based and easy to use. However, the options are limited. There are 30 games and three screen modes. That’s it. if you want more you gamble, is to rely on semi-legal Tricks or uses for the Analogue Nt mini.

The console comes without pre-installed games, but with two Slots for Cartridges. Where the original NES games from Europe and the USA, the other on Japan limited Famicom Games fit. In addition, it does not matter whether you have PAL or NTSC Cartridges. The NT mini comes without country lock.

The Controller, the Analogue Nt mini is modeled after the Original, but has more Buttons.(© 2017 Analogue)

Many of the connections and setting options

Also at the terminals of the device of the Analogue has the nose in front. During Nintendo’s Retro console provides only two ports for controllers, the NT mini four slots. In the only the Bluetooth Adapter for the supplied wireless Controller, but also the original accessories of the classic NES does not fit. On the TV you can connect the console via HDMI, RGB, component and S-Video to the TV.

A lot more possibilities you have in the settings. You can select, for example, whether the image is to be played on the Monitor in Full-HD, 720p or 480p. In addition, you have the possibility to change the size and Position of the screen contents, or to activate a RGB mode that makes the image like in the Original NES appearance. You can set the Buttons of the controller, otherwise, the Audio settings down to the smallest Detail, and even change determine how the LED on the console front is flashing. Very cool!

So much individuality but also has its price. In contrast to the (according to EIA) 70-Euro NES Classic Mini NT mini will cost a whopping US $ 449. Analogue with the console, so definitely not a Casual Gamer, just a bit of “Super Mario Bros.” want to gamble, but real Retro-Gaming Fans who still have some Cartridges and old NES accessories in the store.