Honor 6X falls in the Scratch and bending test


Honor 6x YouTube JerryRugEverything

Smartphones like to be subjected after their Release to a hardness test. In a new Video from the famous YouTuber JerryRigEverything, the Honor 6X. Even if the device is well made, not wins, the middle class-Smartphone necessarily the best result.

The actions of the YouTubers is really any Smartphone-Listening to the same thing: First, it is tested with several special scratch-resistant utensils, such as sensitive to the surface of the screen. Subsequently, the scratch is extended in the test on the housing to see where any soft plastic to hide parts. Then, the Display is heated with a flame until the pixels change color, to test whether or not the screen is recovered after Cooling completely. Last of the great bending test, in which it is checked how easily the housing can be bent.

Dual camera is well protected

In the scratch test, the first weak point of the middle-class smartphone displays, unfortunately, already: Huawei equipped the Honor 6X seems to be a Display glass, the scratched already when the degree of hardness 4. As well as the YouTuber explains that it is currently more common that Smartphone screens yielding only from the degree of hardness is 6, and the traces remain. The glass, the Dual-camera, to protect the back, on the other hand keeps better, and is, therefore, apparently made of a harder glass.

While the largest part of the housing is made of metal, the upper and the lower end as well as the Buttons on the side are made of plastic. After the confrontation with the lighter, the screen will turn after 12 seconds black, but then again, regenerated. In the bending test, the Honor 6X by then unfortunately. Not only the housing can be bend easily, the LCD takes very fast damage, making the Smartphone unusable.