Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy A3 (2017): Samsung starts selling

Das Galaxy A5 (2017) ist nach IP68 gegen Wasser und Staub geschützt Das Galaxy A5 (2017) ist nach IP68 gegen Wasser und Staub geschützt The Galaxy A5 (2017) is protected according to IP68 against water and dust(© 2017 CURVED)

We have taken the Galaxy A5 (2017) and the Galaxy A3 (2017) are already under the magnifying glass, now the new middle class Smartphones from Samsung are there: How the manufacturer explains in a press release, you can pre-order the devices now in Germany, even though the Release is already on 3. February should be made.

If you pre-order now, a Galaxy A5 (2017) or a Galaxy A3 (2017), it will therefore, probably, hardly earlier than the one on the release date, so on Friday, the 3. February, strikes directly. If you can possibly still with us on a Germany-Release of the slightly larger Galaxy A7 (2017) hoped, you will have to take a look, however, unfortunately for an Alternative.

Peach-Cloud, exclusively for Samsung

The new A-class for 2017 section in the Test similar to how the A5 (2016) and the A3 (2016) from the past year. Especially the Design of the middle-class convinced models and the contained (main)cameras know to convince with ordinary photos. As in the previous year the starting price for the Release is set somewhat high, since, the most recent High-End models of the S-cost-series, in the meantime, hardly more.

On 3. February should come, the Galaxy A3 (2017) with a price of 329 euros, and in the colors “Black-Sky”, “Gold Sand” and “Blue Mist” on the market. The Galaxy A5 (in 2017) there are also from this date and in the same colors. The price is 429 euros, but 100 euros higher. The new A5 should be additionally from the 3. February exclusively via the Online Shop of Samsung in the color “Peach Cloud” will be available. In a good month, from the 6. March, will also include the A3 (2017) in this special color to offer.